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Find your wine's highest potential..  

Mark Bunter knows wine. 

Whether your winery is in your garage, or has its own garage, whether you are an established brand, a startup, or an aspiring amateur, Mark offers affordable custom winemaking services to match your needs. 

After over twenty years experience as cellar rat, laboratory enologist, cellarmaster, sustainable winegrower, and gold medal-winning winemaker on both coasts, Mark has developed a complete perspective on the elements of high quality wine making. Given the depth and breadth of his experience, his personal commitment to excellence, and his dedicated study of the nature of quality, he offers expertise and insights that are uncommon in the industry.

"I asked my Dad what the most important thing in business was. He said, 'Good judgement- it allows you to make sound decisions.'   How do you get good judgement? I asked.   'From experience' he replied.  How do I get experience? I wondered.  'From making bad decisions', he smiled."
Roger Russel

Sometimes, it pays to buy some experience.

About Mark

Since his start on a Napa neighbor's bottling line at age 17, Mark has worked for some
of the industry’s giants, including Peter and Robert Mondavi, the Sebastianis and the Christian Brothers.  His own winemaking began in his garage.  Mark knows that small scale, even primitive, vinification can result in great wines. 

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